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Teacher Training

Teachers Training Day



Learn the secret to helping your students achieve top marks for the Governments national MTC testing with MR NK’s Tunes Trains Teacher’s Training Day. Using actions, rhymes and numbers you’ll be educated for the day by Mr NK along with a huge bundle of fantastic learning materials.


The teacher’s training day comes with many benefits and can assist in:

Complementing the National Curriculum and SEND learners.

Helping learners to prepare for the MTC Test.

Complementing learners who struggle with learning their multiplications using the traditional methods.

Quick and easy way to learn using numbers, rhymes and actions.



Teacher Training Day- A fun packed, informative day, providing workshops, teaching,questions and answers and practicalities of teaching aids.

Tunes Times Tables Lyrical Manual- Hard Copy of a professional training aid, aimed at teachers and all educational establishments.

Access To E-Book

Tunes Times Tables CD- Hard copy of Mr Nk’s Lyrical CD.

Access To Website- By attending the teacher training day you will have unlimited access for 6 months to the members only page, where you will be able to download resources and games.


Limited Edition Lyrical Manual

Limited Edition Lyrical Book

Limited Edition Lyrical Calendar Charts

Limited Edition Lyrical Single Charts


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