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Tunes Times Tables Limited Edition A3 Lyrical Calendar



The Tunes Times Tables Limited Edition A3 Lyrical Calendar is an excellent way for children to practice and recite their multiplications in Calendar form whilst boosting memory through numbers, rhymes and actions. This tool has been created to assist learners, including those with SEND who struggle to learn their times tables using the traditional method. As a calendar, this can be placed anywhere around the home and classroom for easy access and help’s to promote the learners’ confidence in an active, creative way that complements the national curriculum.

Hard Copies Available September.







Tunes Times Tables Limited Edition Lyrical Calendar Size A3

Complements the National Curriculum and pupils with SEND.

Helps learners to prepare for the MTC Test.

Complement’s learners who struggle with learning their multiplications using the traditional methods.

Quick and easy way to learn using numbers, rhymes and actions.





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