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Tunes Trains Teachers (Educators Bundle)


Tunes Trains Teachers (Educators Bundle) is the ultimate pack for educators seeking new ways to teach children their multiplications in an active and creative way with proven results. The educators bundle includes a teachers and educators training day with MR NK demonstrating how Tunes Times Tables is taught, the Tunes Times Tables Lyrical Manual available in hard copy and e-copy, full, unlimited access to the website and all teaching resources, a hard copy of the tunes times tables double educational CD and a 30- minute school assembly.





Tunes Times Tables Lyrical Manual E-copy and Hard Copy (A4 Size)

MR NK’s Teachers and Educators Training Day

Tunes Times Tables, Double Educational CD

30 Minute School Assembly

Unlimited Access to Website and Online Resources

Complements the National Curriculum and SEND learners.

Helps learners to prepare for the MTC Test.

Complement’s learners who struggle with learning their multiplications using the traditional methods.

Quick and easy way to learn using numbers, rhymes and actions.


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