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Parent’s, Teacher’s and Children’s Workshops

Parents,Teachers and Childrens Workshops



Mr NK’s teacher, parent and child assembly is a 30 minute session designed to provide a brief overview of the Tunes Times Tables capabilities and benefits for all who come on board. Information will be provided on how this unique method of teaching can be implemented easily and practically. The assembly will also discuss the gains for children with lower abilities and special educational needs.

Resources will be illustrated and available to purchase on the day.

For a more in-depth and hand-on approach, why not attend Mr NK’s parent and child workshop.



Mr NK’s parent and child workshop is designed to inspire parents to further explore a different method of teaching their child their times tables. The 1 hour session will demonstrate Mr NK’s unique teaching method and will encourage parents to support their child’s learning experience. It will provide advice and strategies, which will lessen parental stress, anxiety and will prove that teaching their child times tables need not be a ‘hair pulling’ experience.

This workshop is a great way for parents to be practical and get the opportunity to try Mr NK’s method hands on. So if you recognise that a child is struggling with their times tables in school and may benefit from extra support at home, then why not book a parent and child workshop for a parent or for a group of parents. The session will also allow assessment of engagement between parents and children whilst providing some fun, interactive learning for all.

Resources will be illustrated and available to purchase on the day.


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