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TunesTimesTables Album


3Ts – Tunes Times Tables

Educational CD

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Double Educational CD with test.. fill in the blanks
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Not everyone can attend Mr NK’s amazing workshops based in Birmingham so to help children practice outside of workshops and for those that cannot attend due to distance; Mr NK decided to produce an album based on the Tunes Times Tables format.


Mr NK enlisted the help of Izzy, local rapper, his sister, Tezlin Newell – Harding, the singer of the group and Chris Dixon reggae artist. He called them the 3Ts – 3 Teachers and the Tunes Times Tables.


The album has been designed in a manner that relates to young people and reflects what type of music many of them are listening to now in modern times. Although this CD does not entirely reflect how Mr NK delivers in the classroom it can be used as stand-alone learning tool or as a support aid for those that attend workshops. The album and the workshops are two different learning styles but both are equally effective.


The album comprises of two discs, the first has all the times tables from one through to twelve and the second is a bonus disc entitled ‘fill in the blanks’ whereby the learner can practice by singing along and filling in the blanks.


Due to copyright restrictions NK Kreations Ltd are, at present, unable to release lyrics in full but are currently developing resources that will enable all learners’ full access. Please bear with us and this will be announced on the website when they are available.


Until this is in place, there is a Tunes Times Tables Calculator which was recently launched on the website on the school access page which contains the lyrics from 1-10. There are also supportive worksheets, ready to download, to use with the ‘fill in the blanks’ disc and this will enable learner’s access to the words until other resources are available.


The School Access page is exclusive to all that have purchased the Tunes Times Tables album along with schools that Mr NK has worked with.


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