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We’re 3 years behind!

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Times tables, Times Tables Times Tables! There is now a massive emphasis on times tables throughout all schools in the United Kingdom! All children are to know all their times tables by the time they leave primary school. If you didn’t know, now you do!


I don’t think this is the easiest task in the world! Let me break it down for you…
In 2015 we (the UK) ranked 20th in the world for education. Not a great start, I know! Upon digging a little deeper into these educational findings, 15 year old UK pupils are already three years behind in mathematics compared to their peers in Shanghai. One would wonder how in the world this happened (forgive the pun).


There are forever ongoing debates about ‘the best way to teach children’…
‘Rote learning is more effective’ ‘No its not’ ‘Yes it is’ ‘The girls are ahead of the boys’ ‘We need to get the system right first’
As the issue is debated our children fall further and further behind their peers. Lets spend more time, effort and intellect to actually solve the dilemma!


But all is not lost my friends, I promise you that…
I’m know as NK, I don’t like to boast about it but I simply have a unique gift which I would like to share with the world. I know, we can raise our educational world ranking, but we need to utilise the skills which we all have. Each one teach one.


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Tunes Times Tables is simply the quickest, fastest, easiest to learn and easiest to retain. I’ve proven I can help students from all walks of life.


Tunes Times Tables is a unique and creative way of quickly teaching both adults and children their times tables using song, rhythm, movement and catchy memorable lyrics… my method works! ‘Sounds great’ you say. ‘Lets get going’ you say.
Well if it was that easy believe me, we probably wouldn’t be facing as many educational issues as we are today.


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A while back I had an idea, one which would shake things up a little and possibly put things back into perspective in terms of learning our times tables. Its a well known fact that there’s no point telling a child what to do… you have to show them. So I intended to show them. Show them how much fun they can have through the joy of times tables; to bring my charismatic energy and share it with a stadium full of youngsters and adults alike to help them on their way. To break a world record and put the UK back on the map… A shout out to all those who rank higher then us in maths ‘we’re on our way up’!



You would have thought our educational leaders would be interested, yes? Giving their support, jeering us on yes? Offering ideas and promoting this incredible event yes? No. Not one!
In fact, the issue is deeper then I once thought! Check this – One of the responses I received after writing an official letter in 2015 to Nicky Morgan, former secretary of state for education.



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‘I believe it is for teachers to decide the methods to use in the classroom as we know that greater autonomy drives improvement’!
‘It is for the teachers to decide’
‘Greater autonomy drives improvement’!



To me that’s a straight-up contradiction. Firstly, there is very little ‘autonomy’ given to a teacher in the first place as they are simply teaching children to enable them to pass standardised tests, and secondly… I am autonomy.. I am that freedom and individuality which children need to enable them to climb higher heights and learn these times tables. Not because they have to… but because they want to. I make it it fun!


Yet, in 2015, she was also found to state:
‘If you don’t get it right at primary, then it becomes much harder for children to catch up at secondary school.’
I find myself wondering if and how those who set these ‘ regulations’ are going to practically help and encourage our children? … something to think about!


So I leave it with you parents, teachers and those who truly care. Why is the educational system in dismay? (lets not pretend its perfect, or even as good as it should be) Why don’t those who seek to help have the support to enable them to do so? Why should it be left to the teachers? The same teachers who take home books to mark over the weekend, have very little holiday, are simply inundated with paperwork and are literally asking for the assistance!


We are currently ranked 26th in the national educational league tables for maths; in 2010 we ranked 28th. It took us 6 YEARS to move just two places!
This vital piece of information just proves that this task isn’t one to be taken lightly! Leave it all up to stressed, overloaded, tired teachers? Hummm?
And don’t read between the lines too much, I’m not saying teachers can’t do the job, I’m simply giving you an insight into the rocky road we are currently travelling along because our leaders say ‘the right people have been chosen to do the job, let them do it’.


It takes a village to raise a child correctly; a whole village, not a select handful of people… think about it! Should we truly leave it solely to the schools, our ‘leaders of education’ and our ‘target setters’ to educate our children… ‘with great autonomy’?


I care, I don’t talk about it, I show it, join me on a Saturday from 12:00 pm – 2:00pm

Suite 7, Cuckoo Wharf, 435 Lichfield Road, Aston, B6 7SS



Let me show you what I can do. This is your youngsters time to blow that target out of the water With my help, anything is possible.